First of all I wasn't particularly happy with the focus some of you had in today's lesson. Let me be very clear, every moment in class needs to be utilised fully!
Maybe it was the the three day break, maybe something else, but it cannot happen again. And it won't!

Now, you need to make sure that you complete all the tasks and visit the relvant sites I have mentioned below.

Read a definition of rational drug design at the following link.
Rational drug design

And view the following video on what is rational drug design.

Read the handout on "designer drugs" and answer the questions at the bottom. It relates to the development of the drug Relenza (Zanamivir) by Australian researchers.

Visit the site on proteomics and click on "The Basics" section for a recap on DNA to proteins.
Introduction to proteomics

It was about a year ago that researchers at the Chidren's Medical Research Institute here in Australia made a breakthrough discovery relating to cancer. Visit the link and read about the discovery. How does this relate to our course? What concepts are directly relevant?
Enzyme discovery

For a simple animation on the idea of drug design visit the following link.
Drug design

Now, check out the following animation on how HIV drugs can work against the virus. This is a superb animation. We will cover how viruses infect cells later on in the course but the basic idea of rational drug design is clearly shown.

Final task: having completed all the above activities, your are to now answer the questions in the drug design document. Do them in class, if you have the time, otherwise complete them for homework. Whenever you do this task, try and do it under exam conditions, so no reference to any resources. Email your answers to me in a word document by Friday 14th March.
biol 3 drug design question.doc

Now that we have finished area of study 1, its time for a test! You will have a ~40min test on Thursday 13th March.
This is not a SAC but it will be used as part of you getting an "S" for Unit 3. Here is a list of revision tasks.
Read the study design under the heading Key knowledge for Molecules of Life area of study.Check that you are familair with each dot point.
Read the glossary and add at least 5 more terms.
Do "Compare and contrast" for 1) catabolic and anabolic reactions 2) photosynthesis and respiration
Create flow charts to show each of the key steps in the synthesis of the major biomacromolecules