OK Biol clan, here is the work (or should I say fun activities) for Monday's lesson while I am slaving away presenting at a conference.
I have booked you into the library but go to the science lab first.

Focus: Cell respiration

Hopefully you recall some stuff from last year, well now you need to take it to another level (just like we did for photosynthesis).

To get you in the mood check out the Cell Respiration rap below.
IMPORTANT-Try and view this at home before you come to class on Monday, as I am not sure if you will be able to access it at school.

Task 1
View the cell respiration.pps of cell respiration on your own or in pairs. Save it to your documents rather than just opening it. It will be available on the intranet as well as the 2008 folder on the student drive. You might also want to visit the web sites on respiration (see web resources page).
Having viewed the powerpoint organise yourself into two groups or three groups its up to you. I suggest two groups.

How you complete tasks 2 and 3 is up to you. You may want to allocate some individuals to work on Task 2 and others on Task 3 or you may work on each as a whole group.

Task 2
Using the above video as a stimulus, create a song (or rap) about cell respiration. Choose a song with a simple tune. Eg Opportunity or Hey Delilah. Lyrics to these are easily obtainable on the internet and I can also play them on guitar which will make it more fun for us to sing in class. But its up to you.

Task 3
Create 10 multiple choice questions (with four options) that will really test the understanding of the main points of cell respiration. Try not to just make them all memory based questions. You can include diagrams in the question as a stimulus. These questions need to be created as a series of slides in powerpoint (1 for each question),as well as a slide at the end that contains the answers to each question. Do not let the other group(s) see your questions as you will be testing them in a later class.

At the end of the lesson you need to post the lyrics (mention which tune they are written for) to your song (however much you have done) onto the classroom stuff page. This will then allow you all to keep improving and adding to the song over the following week.

At the end of the lesson you also need to email me the multiple choice questions powerpoints. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED FULLY BEFORE THE END OF THE LESSON!

Complete the photosynthesis worksheet on page 20 of the workbook.
Read and answer the questions for Absent enzymes activity on page 33 of your workbook.
Read the biol 3 catalase enzyme prac 2008.doc. Also found on the intranet as well as the 2008 folder on the student drive.
Read and complete the question in handout on proteins.

So there you have it. Have fun! And if you want to be the best, this is a stepping stone you will need to complete well. :-) VM