You will find a range of different activities and tasks to do and contribute towards.

biol 1 guess the picture aos1
biol 1 guess the picture aos2
This activity involves you trying to determine what an image (partially obscured) represents. You need to explore your knowledge and look for clues that either narrow down or discount possibilities. Try and communicate your reasoning as fully as possible as this will help you all learn from each other. The image will be revealed gradually after original suggestions have been put forward by all.
Cells in action glossary
It is an absolute must that you are familiar with all the terminology. You need to know the meanings of relevant terms as well as understand the connection they have to concepts. So rather than keep you own personal one, you can all save time by contributing to a central one and learn from each other. If you wish to add an alternative meaning for a particular term then do so under the previous one.

Functioning organisms glossary
It's now time to work on keeping up to date with the terminology associated with this area of study. Be aware, there is a lot!

Online activities
A varitety of quizzes/tests for you to check your understanding.

Come up with your own analogies or comment on those that have been posted.

Creative stories
Write an interesting story about the journey of a fat molecule through the digestive system.

If a cell is transporting oxygen...
An opportunity for you to explore all that you know about the mammalian circulatory system.

biol 1 songs
Here is where you collaborate together to write songs that help revise the main areas of the course.

Compare and contrast
Transport of materials
Gas exchange

Exam revision
Composition of Cells Jeopardy.ppt