Creating and using analogies is a useful way to develop your understanding of those hard to get at concepts.
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Here is one done in the form of a video. Check it out and post your thoughts.


The analogies are very interesting and are all logical, especially the pizza guy. AK

You should all be ready for my anaelogy.. i'm sure you've been reckless at your seat for quite some time now (including you Vojtech) So here it is:

My anaelogy of a resturant
Nucleus = Recipies
Golgi = Ingredients (the company that provides the ingredients and packages them for the resturant, eg sugar)
ER = Waiter
Mitochondria = ?
Chloroplast = Kitchen
Vesicles = Glasses/bowls that carry liquids (eg wine or soup)
Vacucles = Food storage area (eg fridge)
Mybosomes = Kitchen
Plasma Membrane = Reception
Cytoskeleton = Building
Cell Wall = Doors of building
Lyosomes = garbage/ recycling bin

LB (lauren basser) Hey LB, you'll notice that I edited your spelling of my name! Nice analogy though, but why nothing for the mitochondria? Hopefully someone puts something in after your question mark. And what are Mybosomes? Also, maybe you can add a little more about how your parts are linked to the analogy, like you did for the golgi. VM

Cell Analogy - My House
Nucleus - My mum. Just like the nucleus my mum keeps everything and everybody functioning properly.
Endoplasmic Reticulum - Corridors, allow for movement around house.
Mitochondira - Power points and meter box. Supply power to house, just like in a cell.
Vacuoles - Fridge. Stores nutrients.
Lysosomes - Recycles bins. Waste is recycled for reuse.
Ribosomes - kitchen. site of food production. including protein.
Plasma Membrane - Front door. Controls what goes in and out.
Cytoskeleton - walls. hold house together
Cell Wall - fence around house.
Just realised i didn't put golgi in my analogy so here it is
Golgi:Cupboards containing clothes/linen/towels.
As for chloroplasts I'm stuck. Any ideas anyone?

I like your analogy here AK. Something for you to think about though-given that you have indicated a cell wall, what would be the chloroplast in your analogy? -VM

Cell Analogy- Netball Court and Netball Players

Plasma Membrane: The outside court lines ( decides what enters and exits the court)
Mitochondria: Goal Shooter (supplier of the energy or points)
Cytoskeleton: The lines WITHIN the court that seperate the thirds and keep it in it's shape.
Endoplasmic Reticulum: The Centre, used throughout the cell for transporting
Nucleus: The ball
Vesicles: The goal posts that carry the substance (ball)
Golgi: Safety nets around the goal posts- packaging of the materials.
Lysosomes: All players- keeps the ball in their side and tries to catch up on opposing goals.

By the way- that was Olivia :)
As I was writing before you interupted me with your rediting, what an interesting analogy! This is a really difficult task to try and relate the cell to netball. But you have done well.
Why did you get rid of the cell wall bit? Did you think it was wrong and why? This is important stuff and it would be useful for others to read your thoughts on this.-VM

Cell Analogy - A concert (preferably rock)
Nucleus - The band, has power over all the people
Golgi - Tech crew, helps out to set out and pack up the instruments and lighting
Endoplasmic Reticulum - Stairs leading up to the venue, used for transporting people to the arena
Mitochondria - Amps, supply the band with the power
Vacuoles - Food stalls, stores food for the hungry crowd
Ribosomes - Band Manager, tells the band what they should be doing in order to impress
Plasma Membrane - Security guards, controls what goes in and out
Cytoskelten - Boulders that hold up the venue from the inside
Cell Wall - Walls surrounding venue, second layer of protection needed for those obessed fans
Vesciles - Caterers - Carry around various substances to fuel the people
Lysosomes - First aid, help and fix people from the tough mosh
- Bec

Yeah, an anology to music. Very creative! Bec, it would be great if you could perhaps write a bit more about the link between the cell part and your rock concert parts.Cos I think I can see the links but not sure if everyone else will. -VM

Way to go Bec, the extra information you have put makes it so much more clearer now and shows a greater understanding. Cytoskelten and vesciles? VM

Cell Analogy - A Hotel
Lysosome - the towel men at the pool who take your used towel and wash it for reuse.
Vesicles - Cleaners, they carry around various cleaning materials on those funny carts
Nucleus - The reception, they keep all the data on their computers about who is staying where and for how long etc.
Vacuoles - The kitchen! There, all the nutrients are stored.
Endoplasmic reticullum - The corridors and elevators. They guide/transport people where they want to go.
Golgi complex - Laundry room, they store all the materials eg. sheets
Mitochondria - The people create the buzz around the place (awwwww)
Ribosome - The manager. He/she decides what characteristics the hotel need and controls what happens.
Plasma Membrane - The walls of the hotel make sure no one hits a cricket ball or other foreign matter into the building.
Cytoskeleton - The walls and bricks that hold the structure of the building together.
- Josh (hope you enjoyed)

Very interesting. But do ribosomes make decisions? Doesn't the nucelus do this? This is a tough one, maybe someone will come up with another idea. Although I do agree with your reception being the nucleus. VM

Hey guys,
I chose to talk about an airport!
Nucleus: Control tower (I'm sure everyone knows what they do in that building)
ER: The passage ways, terminals and runways for the planes and people.
Mitochondria: The main power supply for airport and fuel for planes.
Golgi Apparatus: Baggage that goes into the hold of the plane.
Choloroplast: The fast food places and the terrible airoplane food.
Lysosomes: The rubbish bins and huge rubbish tip at the back of airport
Plasma membrane: The security checkpoints to make sure no dangerous goods go through onto the plane.
Cytoskeleton: The walls and cement inside building.

I thought you guys might like my idea.

Nice one Lisa, your explanations are also very useful for us to make the connections. VM

hi all year 11s, they were really good analogies. dont mind if i use them to help me get that 50! lots of love, a year 12 who shall remain anonymous. xx

Hey guys,
this is my analogy of a School!
Nucleus: The principle who runs the school
Golgi Apparatus: Stationary and other supplies store room.
ER: The hallways and passages that people walk down
Mitochondria: The electronic power room which supplies power to the school
Vacuole: The Tuckshop, stores the food then gives it to the students and teachers when needed.
Lysosomes:The sick bay/first aid room
Ribosomes: The art room, where things are created and made
Plasma Membrane: The school security, they decide who get lets in or out
Cytoskeleton: The school walls that hold up the building.

Hope you enjoy =]
Mikayla W

This is an accurate analogy Mikayla. If it represented a plant cell what would the chloroplast and cell wall be? VM

cell=factory by danielle rais :)
cell membrane: walls of factory
nucleus: factory employers carrying instructions for people to do.
golgi: the workers who store and package goods
ER: the buggies that lift all the heavy boxes and transport them around the factory
mitochondria: electricity center of factory
vesicle: boxes, that contain the goods
vacuole: storage rooms
lysosomes: fire pit. turning usless roducts into coal