On this page you will find all the relevant info relating to the various assessment tasks.
You can also ask questions of each other and me relating to these tasks.

biolfact5.pngDesigner cells assessment task

cell specialisation AT 2008.doc

Practical summary task
Downloadable version for revision
It is important that you analyse your performance and address any uncertainties you have about any of the questions.
biol1 prac summary1 AT 2008.doc

Area of study 1 test (Wednesday 12th March)
Do revision questions from textbook.
Comlpete some "compare and contrast" and "terminology analysis" sheets.
Check out and contribute to the glossary page.
Go over and redo the quizzes. Click on the links. biol 1 quiz1 2008.doc biol 1 quiz2 2008.doc

biolfact16.pngMedia analysis task (due Friday 11th April)
It is important that you use your own words and write responses that show understanding of terminology and concepts.
You may submit your work in handwritten form on the handout provided or in electronic form using the file below.
biol1 medical applications AT 2008.doc
Links to articles below.
Wearable artificial kidney
heart pump
Hole in heart
Kidney tumours
Stand-in kidney
GERD implant technique shown to last 3 years.doc
Any questions you have can be posted below.

guess whats voj, i finished the whole thing :) i wasnt quite sure about section c. in my article there went that many biological terms, would it be ok if i used diabeties as one of them??.....i did anyways so hoping you say yes.
DR. Danielle Rais...get it :P

That's fantastic! The three biological terms must be from your article. I am pretty sure every article has at least three. If you use a term you should be able to link it to some body system that we have covered. With regards to section C, you can ask me about it at school at check that you are on the right track. VM

Comparative analysis of systems task (Friday 23rd May)
You will be given an information sheet in class on Monday 19th May describing the task and its requirements.
You will have the week to prepare yourself and bring any relevant resources to Friday's class.
You will be given the entire lesson to complete the task.

biol1 comparative analysis of systems AT 2008.doc

Any questions regarding the task can be posted below.