Classification of living organisms
The system used to classify living organisms has changed over the years. The current situation is to sort all organisms into three domains: Archaea, Bacteria and Eukarya. Prior to that there were six kingdoms whereby the bacteria were split into two kingdoms. Given that we now have the three domains, and there are 10 of you, this task involves using the five kingdom system, whereby bacteria are placed into one group.

Task: in pairs you will be responsible for creating a page that describes and highlights the key characteristics of one of the five kingdoms.Your page should contain information presented in a variety of formats, including images, diagrams, tables, test and flow charts. Any images you place must be copyright free. The aim is for any one to look at your page and have a good idea about what your kingdom of organisms represents.
Due: You need to complete your page by Thursday 26th June, as in period zero on that day you will present your page to the class.

In the column next to each of the kingdoms below, type in your names and then proceed to your page. "First in best dressed"

Kingdom Monera
Bec & Adam
Kingdom Protista (Protoctista)
Lauren & Lia
Kingdom Fungi
Joshi & Mikayla G
Kingdom Plantae
Dani & Lisa
Kingdom Animalia
Liv & Mikayla W

Instructions for displaying an image
Where i used to live! Pretty awesome hey.

First of all you need to make sure you picture is a jpg or png file. These are the best to use.
If they aren't just open your image in microsoft picture manager and save as a jpeg or png.
I suggest you crop you image using picture manager as well, go to edit and then choose resize (on the right) and type in 500x500 in the appropriate spot.
Or you can compress you orginal picture and then click on web page(on right). Make sure you save as, other wise you will lose the original image.

Once you have your image go to the page and click on edit page.
Then click on the square with a tree (next to the tv) in the tool bar.You will see a window open up with lots of picture files already.
Where it says upload new file, click browse.Find your image file and click open.
Now you need to click on the upload button, next to the browse button.
Give it a moment to load and you will see your image display as a yellow square in the window where all the other images are.
Now it is important that you move the cursor to where you want to put the image and click on your page. The images window will not diasppear.
Once you have done that double click on your image. It should insert into your page.
You can add a caption, you can align your image to the left, centre or right of the page but that is all.
Once you have done that click on save in the toolbar.
you will then see what your page looks like.
Obviously if you are not happy, click on edit page and you can move your image up and down or realign it.
If your image is too big or too small, you need to go back to picture manager and resize it and then upload the new image like you did with the original one.

that's it nothing to it.
It's much easier to do then what i have written here.
see, i have placed an image of where i used to live.i have put in a caption and aligned it to the right. the text automatically wraps around it.