Stuff covered or used in the classroom can be found here.

In case you were absent for whatever reason, you can get all the info you missed here.

biol 1 classification activity
biol 1 photosynthesis lesson

biol 1 cellular respiration lesson

biol 1 modelling digestion lesson

biol 1 digestive system lesson

biol 1 circulation lessons

blood and angioplasty.ppt
Powerpoint presentation on medical technology and problems with the circulatory system
biol 1 nitrogen excretion lesson

biol 1 mammalian kidney lesson

biol 1 gas exchange intro lesson

biol 1 mammalian respiration lesson

plant transport powerpoint with contributions
biol 1 plant transport.pps

plant gas exchange powerpoint
biol 1 plant gas exchange.pps

sexual reproduction lesson

revision question grid for area of study 1, you should have a go at answering all questions
biol 1 question grid wiki.pps
your turn to collaborate to create two revision question grids for area of study 2
biol 1 question grid aos2

Herbivore digestion activity
Your efforts during the lesson were impressive. You all worked well together and there was insightful and intelligent discussion about how the information goes together.
Given the short time frame that you had, you have done well but there are some inaccuracies in your diagrams. Do not worry as I would normally have given students twice the amount fo time.
biolfact13.pngRead the feedback carefully and then as a follow up you can hopefully create a the "correct" flow diagram in your work books using the hard copy that you were given in class.
Below are links to each group's work and feedback about the flow diagram.
group 1
group 2
group 3

Creative story
journey of a fat molecule-creative story

As requested, please find below the PowerPoint presentation on "Other Nutritional Requirements of Plants". Claire
Plants Other Requirements.pps